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Prairie Skies RanchPrairie Skies RanchPSR

Welcome to the Ranch

Located in beautiful sunny Alberta. Just 20 minutes East of Edmonton.

We are proud to provide Edmonton and the surroundings with the high quality free range multi-coloured eggs, from our Happy Chickens who are treated old fashioned way with low environmental footprint.

Meat Products: Beef Pork Chicken Turkey

we are also happy to offer high quality old fashioned full of flavour

Beef is Grass Fed free ranged, they are free to roam around on the pasture no artificial implants or growth

             hormones or antibiotics are used.

Pork is Best of the best. Berkshire pigs, prized for juiciness, flavour and tenderness, is pink-hued and heavily     .

          The Japanese designation of the breed, "Kurobuta", has become, like "Kobe" for beef, a preferred branding

          of a premium grade of pork. No Antibiotics or medications is used the Pigs are truly free range with

          weather shelter and fresh water and not sprayed multigrain feed a available to them to supplement what

          nature provides ( Trees, grass, bugs , roots....)

Chickens (broilers) and turkeys are farm fresh free run, no medication, antibiotics or grow hormones are used, pure nature. They are  juicy, have great flavour and texture.